3 Reasons Why Business Blogging Is No Different To Writing A Children’s Story

One of the most difficult aspects of business blogging for many is understanding exactly how a business blog post is constructed, due to there being no set guidelines, unlike with other forms of writing.

However, although it may make developing business blog posts appear to be easier than it is, the simple fact is that creating a business blog post is very similar, in essence, to any children’s story, with the following three reasons explaining exactly why.

1. There should always be a beginning, a middle and an end

Arguably the very first thing you get taught at school about writing and reading is that every story should have a beginning introducing the story, a middle which encompasses the main story and an end, whereby you tie up the story.

With a blog post, it’s exactly the same.

You need a beginning to give an introduction to the blog post, a middle section that allows you to provide further information on what you introduced at the beginning and an ending where you can close the post in a way that leaves the reader feeling satisfied – and in such a way that you’ve delivered any goals that you had set as an organization.

2. You need to make sure your readers get through the full post

When you’re reading any children’s story, you’ll realise that the story, while not bombarding you with information, leads naturally from paragraph to paragraph and page to page – children generally have a low attention span, so there’s a need to ensure the story remains as interesting as possible throughout.

And simply put, you need to ensure it’s exactly the same with your business blog posts – you need to be able to read through the text you’ve written and feel comfortable that every single word you’ve written is not only suitable, but needed and leads onto the next section perfectly.

If it doesn’t, it needs rewording before it goes live.

3. Your readers must want to come back

Thinking of any children’s story franchise, the one thing that they all have in common is that while one story finishes and you could, in theory, stop reading the franchise there and then, you’re left wanting to read more.

While you shouldn’t stretch out a business blog post over several posts if you can cover it in one, you need to do your utmost to make sure that readers of one posts enjoy it or feel it to be so beneficial that they want to return to your blog and read more of the same time and time again.

Creating business blog posts is much more difficult than many businesses first anticipate, but by understanding the similarities between a business blog post and a children’s story, it starts to become clear just what is required when creating any business blog post, irrelevant of the organization or industry.

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